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Low Pressure
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Spray Gun Series
22650 TriggerJet
22670 TriggerJet
25660 TeeJet
4688 TriggerJet
50800 TriggerJet
6466 TriggerJet
6590 TriggerJet
AA12 GunJet
AA143 GunJet
AA2 GunJet
AA23 GunJet
AA2A GunJet
AA30 GunJet
AA31 TriggerJet
AA43A GunJet
AA43L GunJet
SG4507 AgSmart
SG5518 AgSmart
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 TeeJet (81)
 AgSmart (9)
 Hamilton (1)
 Hypro (1)
Spray Gun Category
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 Adjustable Twist Handle (6)
 Hand Trigger Spray Guns (6)
 Lawn and Garden Spot Spray (13)
 Pistol Grip Spray Guns (17)
 Spray Gun Adjustable Tips (18)
 Spray Wands (15)
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Pressure Range
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 High Pressure (14)
 Low Pressure (13)
 Standard Pressure (13)
Spray Gun Series
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 22650 TriggerJet (3)
 22670 TriggerJet (3)
 25660 TeeJet (3)
 4688 TriggerJet (1)
 50800 TriggerJet (2)
 6466 TriggerJet (1)
 6590 TriggerJet (1)
 AA12 GunJet (2)
 AA143 GunJet (1)
 AA2 GunJet (2)
 AA23 GunJet (2)
 AA2A GunJet (1)
 AA30 GunJet (2)
 AA31 TriggerJet (1)
 AA43A GunJet (4)
 AA43L GunJet (4)
 SG4507 AgSmart (2)
 SG5518 AgSmart (3)
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For All Your Spray Needs

 SMA features a wide range of sprayer wands and parts from leading brands such as TeeJet. Our offering includes economy spot sprayer wands, spray guns and hose kits for TeeJet 22670 poly spray wands, TeeJet 22650 poly spray guns and wands, TeeJet hand-trigger valves, spray wand extensions, and Gunjet series spray wands, and more. Place your order online or call us. It’s easy.