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Frequently Asked Questions

Active Date:
SMA will accept new orders beginning January 3rd, 2017. Products from both SMA and TISCO can be combined on the same order going forward.

Customer Service:
The primary contact number for Customer Service is 877.55.GO.SMA. When calling, all customers will receive a prompt to Press 1 for Customer Service and Press 2 for TISCO tractor parts technical support.

Technical Service:
TISCO has utilized a technical service group in the past. These designated customer service reps are available to answer questions regarding fit and other application-related issues for tractor parts. Technical Support hours are 8-5 Central Time.

Customer Accounts:
JOINT customers that had an account at both TISCO and SMA will continue using their current SMA account number. NEW customers from TISCO will have a NEW account number at SMA. Please contact customer service for any questions related to your account.

Credit Card Accounts:
For customers designated as credit card only, SMA accepts credit cards as payment for individual invoices if necessary. Customers must request this be their preferred method of payment. Backorders cannot be accepted for credit card only customers.

Monthly Statements:
For customers with an open account, monthly statements will be sent at the end of each month. All statements must be paid by check – credit cards cannot be accepted as payment for monthly statements.

SMALINK Website:
All products from both companies are available on www.smalink.com. For TISCO parts, there are two categories on the top of the list that mirror the layout from TISCO’s website. We have also integrated TISCO’s make/model selector and tractor data into smalink.com

SMALINK Customer Login:
New TISCO customers will use the email associated with their current TISCO shopper account to login to www.smalink.com. From there, the ‘Forgot Password’ function can be used to reset the password and access the site. If there are questions about which email address is currently associated with a TISCO shopper account, please use our 'Contact Us' page or call our customer service team at 877.55.GO.SMA

To request a new TISCO or SMA print catalog, please call our customer service team. Electronic catalogs can be downloaded anytime under the ‘downloads’ section of www.smalink.com.

Rep Coverage:
SMA is proud to announce one of the largest field-based sales organizations in the business. With coast-to-coast coverage, there will always be an SMA Territory Manager ready to assist. Please reach out to customer service for help contacting your SMA Territory Manager.

The SMA Preseason program is effective through January 31st. Both SMA and TISCO items can be included in the Preseason program for volume discounting through January 31st. As always, any special ‘quoted’ items, cotton picker, and levee dams are NOT eligible for volume discounting.

Freight Program:
We are excited to announce a new freight program for ALL customers in 2017. The new freight program will be prepaid minimums at $500 for package shipments and $1000 for LTL shipments. SMA is offering this new freight program to ALL CUSTOMERS – ALL DAY – EVERY DAY.

Tisco Open Orders:
All open orders and backorders as of December 29th from TISCO will be loaded into the SMA system and will be shipped when product is available. These orders cannot be added to, but a new order can be created.

Accounts Receivable:
Blount (the previous owner of TISCO) retains ALL accounts receivable. Any issues, questions, or concerns on invoices issued by TISCO prior to December 30th must be handled by Blount. Blount accounts receivable can be reached by calling 800-248-3273. SMA will handle all accounts receivable questions for invoices after January 1st 2017.

Product Integration:
Roughly 3700 TISCO items directly interchanged to SMA product and will be sold under the SMA item id going forward. These are mainly items like Weasler, Pioneer, Timken, and other common suppliers. There are many other products such as tractor seats, linkage, hydraulic hose that were not interchanged due to packaging quantities, performance differences and others. The products team will work to further interchange and merge items as we progress through the year. TISCO tractor parts items will use their current item id’s going forward.

Distribution Centers:
SMA will operate 6 distribution centers in 2017: Jonesboro, Arkansas; Corsicana, Texas; Fresno, California; Des Moines, Iowa; Strongsville, Ohio; and Nashville, Tennessee. Strongsville and Nashville will be the primary shipping points for TISCO tractor parts while we work to integrate the full product line into all six distribution centers over the coming months.