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Shopping Lists

SMA is pleased to offer customers a fast and easy way to place an order for frequently-purchased items. Products that are ordered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can be easily added to a custom-built shopping list that will prepopulate the shopping cart and speed the order entry process. This feature can also be used to save seasonal or special use items for specific customers. Learn how to use this handy, time saving feature below:


Location Availability - Features

1. Title Section - This displays which list you are viewing, and gives you a search box to look through the items in this shopping list.

2. Shopping List - This is the list of the items themselves. The list displays information on the item like you would see in the Item Search Results or Shopping Cart. There are check boxes to Add or Remove individual items.

3. List Buttons - These buttons control the Shopping List and allow you to do things like remove items, add items to cart or even delete the list entirely.

How To Use:

Step 1

Step 1:

In Item Search Results and your Shopping Cart, you will find buttons labelled "Add To List". If you want to add this item to a Shopping List, or make a new Shopping List with this item in it, click on the button to begin that process.

Step 1 - Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart - The Add to List button behaves a little differently in the Shopping Cart. Here, clicking on the button turns it red and adds a check mark within it. Towards the bottom of the page, you can see two buttons relating to the Shopping List. "Add Cart to Shopping List" will add the entire cart to a list, while "Add Checked to Shopping List" will add only the items which you have check off wit the Add to List buttons.

Step 2 - Select Shopping List

Step 2:

After choosing which items you want to add to a list and clicking the corresponding button, you'll be taken to the Select Shopping List page. Here you have two choices:

Select Shopping List - This selection has a dropdown list of all current shopping lists you have created. If you want to add items to an existing list, use the dropdown to pick the right list and then click the "Go" button to the right.

Create A New List - Here you can create a new shopping list for your items. Use the input box to write a name for your new list, then click the "Add" button to the right to create it.

Step 3 - Shopping List Page

Step 3:

When you add items to a list or create a new one and click the corresponding button, the Shopping List Page itself will load. You will see the items in this list, and have options to add these items to a cart or to edit the list as needed. Similar to the Shopping Cart, each item has an "Add to Cart" button you can click to "check" it, in case you only want to add certain items from this list to a Shopping Cart.