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Location Availability

In an effort to give as much purchasing information as possible to the customer, SMA has implemented a new Location Availability feature. When you search for an item, or when you go a page looking a specific item's details, there will be a new section for availability. On this page we will breifly go over the features of Location Availability and give short guide on how to use it.


Location Availability - Features

1. Availability Section- This is the part of the page where the Location Ability List appears from. Hover over the Red Item Number to see the list.

2. Item Availability List - List of SMA Locations and their current stock of the currently selected item.

How To Use:

Step 1 - Item Search Results

Step 1:

The location of the Availability feature is a bit different depending on the page you are viewing. We will go over both:

Search Results- After searching for an item and getting the list of results, you will see that each item has a rectangular bar of information. Inside this bar, next to Price, MSRP and Quantity is the Availability feature.

Step 1 - Item Details

Details Page- When in a specific item's detail page, on the right side of the page you will a rectangle with information about the item. In that rectangle, between Weight and MSRP you will find the Availability feature.

Step 2 - Item Search Results

Step 2:

Search Results - Hover your mouse over the red number underneath the Availability title to see SMA Locations and their availability for that item.

Step 2 -Item Details

Details Page - Same instructions as Search Results, only the red number appears to the right of the availability title.

The Locations Availability Box may appear next to the Availability title and red number or in front of them depending on your screen size.