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Item Notes

Item Notes are a big, new feature for SMA's site that we are sure our customers will find very helpful. This feature lets you take notes only you will see right on an item's specific details page. On this page we will breifly go over the features of the Item Notes and give short guide on how to use it.


Item Notes - Features

1. Notes Section - In this section, you can type in whatever notes you may need for that page.

2. Notes Section Extension - Use this to increase the size of the Notes Section.

3. Update Button - Click this button to save the notes you have typed.

How To Use:

Step 1 - Location

Step 1:

Item Notes are located on any item's detail page. They are below the box with availability and price information.

NOTE: You need to be logged in to see the Item Notes box.

Step 2 - Writing the note

Step 2:

To start writing your note, click inside the white, rectangular space beneath the "Shopper Item Notes" title. Then you can start typing your note.

Increasing typing space

If you need more room to write your notes, click and hold on the two lines in the lower right corner of the note box. Then, while still holding down, drag the mouse around to change and inrease the size of the typing space.

If you reload the page the item box will return to its normal size, but any notes you typed but did not save will be erased.

Step 3 - Saving notes

Step 3:

When you are finished typing your notes, click on the Blue "Update" Button beneath the typing space. This will save your notes, and you will see orange text reading "Record Updated" indicating the save was successful. Those notes will remain on that page whenever you come back. If you need to add more to the notes, or even remove parts of a note, simply click back into the typing space, change or add whatever information you need, and click on the Update button again to save the edit.