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Brands Search

The Brands Search is a new, powerful part of our website that we believe will improve the experience our customers have with SMA. It allows you to pick a brand or manufacturer and see all products available from them. In this page, we will go over where to find the Brands Search and how to use it.

Page Overview:

Brands Search Page

1. Letter Links - List of letters and numbers that, when clicked, will give you a list of brands whose names begin with that letter/number.

2. Brands List - List of brand links that will show you items from that brand when clicked.

How To Use:


Step 1:

To locate the Brands Search, you will need to use the link located at the top of the page. In the blue navigation bar, you will see a link called "Brands". Clicking on that will take you to the Brands Search.

Location - Mobile

The Brands Search link is located in a similar place when viewing the site on mobile devices.

Letter Links

Step 2:

When you first arrive at the Brands Search page, you will see a list of letters at the top (with "0-9" and "All") in squares, and then the brands beneath them. If you click on any of thse square links, they will take you to a page with only the brands whose names start with that letter. "0-9" will show you brands whose names start with a number, and "All" will show you all the brands, just like the main Brands Search page does.

Step 3 - Brand Links

Step 3:

Below the letter links are the Brands themselves. Clicking on one of these brands will take you to a page with all the items from that brand.